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Records: 201 to 250 of 1603
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  975.5916 F2c 1989 v.1-3 Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the original court records of Augusta County 1745-1800, Volumes 1-3 Chalkley, Lyman
View Record  929.273 St18sc Chronology of the Stalnaker family in America Stalnaker, Cecil E.; Yokum, Martin L.
View Record  973 M27s 1988 Civil War Genealogy Schweitzer, George K.,Ph.d. Sc.D.
View Record  929.1 M784c Collecting Dead Relatives Galeener-More, Laverne
View Record  941.5 E7if * Colllins Irish Family Names Map Collins
View Record  973.2 H2gs Colonial America: From Jamestown to Yorktown Geiter, Mary K.; Speck, W.A.
View Record  974.974 H2t Colonial and Revolutionary Morris County Thayer, Theodore
View Record  975.5362 H2c Colonial Caroline: A History of Caroline County, Virginia Campbell, T. E.
View Record  973 D3wf Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies: New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, 1628-1776 Weis, Frederick Lewis
View Record  973 H2eam Colonial Dames and Good Wives Earle, Alice Morse
View Record  975.2 D2br Colonial Families of America: Bound and Determined to Succeed Barnes, Robert W.
View Record  942 P2c Colonial Settlers and English Adventurers: Abstracts of legal proceedings in 17th century English and Dutch courts relating to immigrant families Currer-Briggs, Noel
View Record  975 M29c Colonial soldiers of the South, 1732-1774 Clark, Murtie June
View Record  975.556 H2b Colonial Surry (Jamestown, VA) Boddie, John Bennett
View Record  929.273 C733f Combs Family: Descendants of Shadrack Combs,Born 1784-85, Son of John Combs, Jr., Born February 7, 1761, A Revolutionary War Veteran Frazier, Mae
View Record  973 W2ro Coming To America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life (in storage - available by request) Daniels, Roger
View Record  973 W2bo Coming to America: Immigrants from the British Isles Blumenthal, Shirley; Ozer, Jerome S.
View Record  974.936/W1 K2mw Commemorative History of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey, 1728-1928 McKinley, William Kerr
View Record  973 W3ba v.1 Compass: A concise and factual compilation of all vessels and sources listed, with reference made of all of their voyages and some dates of registration, Volume 1 (digitized) Bangerter, Lawrence B.
View Record  973 W3ba v.2 Compass: A concise and factual compilation of all vessels and sources listed, with reference made of all of their voyages and some dates of registration, Volume 2 Bangerter, Lawrence B.
View Record  973 D27br 1985 Compendium of Historical Sources: The how and where of American genealogy Bremer, Ronald A.
View Record  941.5 D27o Complete Book for Tracing Your Irish Ancestors O'Laughlin, Michael C.
View Record  941 D6zi Complete Book of Tartan Zaczek, Iain; Phillips, Charles
View Record  941.5 H27m Complete Idiot's Guide to Irish History and Culture Massie, Sonja
View Record  Connecticut 1788 (Map Box) Fletcher -Eselt Collection
View Record  974.6 D25c Connecticut Genealogy News, Spring Summer Fall Winter 2013, 2014, Summer Fall Winter 2015, Spring Fall 2016 (13 periodicals) Connecticut Society of Genealogists
View Record  974.6 H25c Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Jul 1974, 1976 (2 periodicals) Connecticut Historical Society
View Record  974.6 D25n Connecticut Nutmegger, Jun Sep Dec 2012, Mar Jun Sep Dec 2013, Mar Jul Nov 2014, Mar Nov 2015, Jul Mar 2016 (15 periodicals) Connecticut Society of Genealogists
View Record  Connecticut; Litchfield County; Litchfield Quadrangle (Map Box) United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey
View Record  Connecticut; Litchfield County; West Torrington (Map Box) United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey
View Record  974.8 D3wp Conrad Weiser 1696-1760 Friend of Colonist and Mohawk Wallace, Paul A. W.
View Record  974.742 D2p Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient County of Albany, From 1630 to 1800 (digitized) Pearson, Jonathan
View Record  974.71 D2p Contributions to the History of Ancient Families of New Amsterdam and New York Purple, Edwin Ruthven
View Record  977.165 H2ns Coshocton County Centennial History, 1811-1911 Nicholas, Samuel H.
View Record  977.165 V2mh Coshocton County, Ohio, Marriage and Will Records Meredith, Helen
View Record  973 D24bena 1990 County Courthouse Book Bentley, Elizabeth Petty
View Record  941.5 H2mm 1984 Course of Irish History Moody, T.W.; Martin, F. X.
View Record  929.273 C839ch Cox Family in America: A history and genealogy of the older branches of the Family from the appearance of its first representative in this country in 1610 (digitized) Cox, Henry Miller; Cocks, George William; Cox, John
View Record  973 A3co 1974 Cox Library: County, State & Local Histories Cox, Gordon L.
View Record  948.5 D27j 1972 Cradled in Sweden: A Practical Help to Genealogical Research in Swedish Records (digitized) Johanssson, Carl-Erik
View Record  929.273 H588hh Crafting a Personal Family History - A Guide Plus a Case Study: Three Generations of the Hinds Family in New York's Adirondack Mountains (digitized) Hinds, Harold E., Jr.
View Record  929.1 L329c Crash Course in Family History 4th edition: An Easy Step-by-Step Illustrated Guidebook and Comprehensive Resource Directory (in storage - available by request) Larsen, Paul
View Record  974.8 H2cr Crossroads - Descriptions of Western Pennsylvania, 1720-1829 Harpster, John W.
View Record  973 D25nas Czechoslovakia: Nase Rodina - Our Family, Quarterly Newsletter, Mar Jun Sep Dec 2010, Mar Sep 2011, Jan Dec 2012, Mar Jun Dec 2013, 2014, Mar Dec 2015, Mar Jun Dec 2016, Mar 2017 (20 periodicals) Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
View Record  978.3 H2d 1988 Dakota Panorama: A History of Dakota Territory, 4th Edition Jennewein, J. Leonard; Boorman, Jane
View Record  929.273 D171v Daltons, Pioneer Families of Fulton, Knox, and Peoria Counties in Illinois Vondera, Marge
View Record  929.273 D656d Daniel Dobyns of Colonial Virginia: His English ancestry and American descendants Dobyns, Kenneth W.; Thorpe, Margaret Stum
View Record  973 M2hd Daniel Morgan Revolutionary Rifleman Higginbotham, Don
View Record  973 W2Lb Danish Emigration to the U.S.A. Larsen, ┬áBirgit Flemming
View Record  974.26/D1 V2c Danville, New Hampshire Residents, 1760-1992 Collins, Gus
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Records: 201 to 250 of 1603