Green Valley Genealigical Society

Visit Our Library

The GVGS Library is located just south of Anamax Park in the LDS Church at 17699 S. Camino de las Quintas, Sahuarita, AZ 85629.  (Click HERE for driving directions & map to view and print.)
On May 15 & 16, 2018, the Library will be closed due to repaving of the parking lot.
Hours thru end of May: every Tuesday & Wednesday from 9:00AM - 2:00PM
Summer Hours for June, July & August
will be every Tuesday & Wednesday from 9:00AM - 12:00PM.
Our Library collection numbers more than 1,100 books covering a wide variety of genealogy topics and an extensive collection of CDs. Members can borrow books & CDs for 1 week at a time. We also have a full paid subscription to and (NEHGS) that you can access to help you find ancestors in the British Isles, Ireland, Australia, Canada and the US. And, you can access too!
We also have some great library volunteers who will do their best to help you break down those brick walls with tools from the book shelves.
Library Lookup Services
If you can't make it to the Library when it's open during normal operating hours, our GVGS Library Volunteers can look up specific information for you. Please understand that our volunteers will look up specific information in specific books or CDs that are in our Library. Our volunteers do lookups, not research, which can be quite time consuming.
An example of a typical lookup request is:  Please look in the "Abstract of Graves of Revoluntionary Patriots Vol. 1 A-D" by Patricia Law Hatcher for information about Kimber Barton who served in the Revoluntionary War in Virginia. I would like to have a copy of the title page and the page, or pages, containing information about Kimber Barton.
A volunteer will do the lookup when the Library is open and if anything is found, the requested pages will be scanned and emailed to the requestor.
An example of a lookup request that will NOT be honored is:  Please lookup John Smith in your book collection.
This type of request is not specific enough and falls into the category of time consuming research.
To request a Library Lookup, simply click on Contact Us (in the grey menu bar on the left). Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Then, select Web Contact Form to make your request. Our Library Lookup Committee Chairwoman, Laura Hughes, will receive your request and contact you when the lookup has been completed.
Another Library Lookup Service
GVGS member Darillyn Doss has generously and kindly offered to do lookups in her personal library of genealogy books. Click here to see a list of her books sorted by title, and click here for a list sorted by author. Email your lookup request using the Web Contact Form (see above paragraph). 
Where are the book lists?
Our new Library Catalog web page has replaced the book lists. You can now sort the list, generate a customized list of books by author, title or call number, and print your list. A "How To Use the New Library Catalog" page is also available and should be your first step in exploring the new catalog.
Items You Won't Find in the Library Catalog
GVGS' extensive CD collection, and the list of webinars and periodicals are not in the Library Catalog. However, they are in reach with just a click of your mouse. Click on any of the items listed below and a PDF document will open which you can then print or download to your computer.
Library Tidbits
Confused about those genealogy relationships? Here's a Genealogy Relationship Chart to help you make sense of it all. You can also also try out the Relatedness Calculator where you can enter the "relative", click the calculate button and get a graphic explanation of how that person fits into your family tree!